I FUCKING LOVE HIM (drenchednblood) wrote,


I was bored this morning and wide awak....but he didnt get much sleep and had his arms round me so i didnt want to move much....but i had my phone in bed with me....he's so cute.

This is MY boyfriend...i love him very much...these others girls that are trying to get back togther with him....why they are even trying when niether one of them live even close to nevada and thats where we live and just got a house at...stupid bitches....always want what they used to have. I'm trying my best not to worry which until now has been very hard.....i just need to trust him and what he says. I'm the one he sleeps with everynight.....if I even act the slighest bit sad or down he's right by my side asking me whats wrong and trying to make me smile....i'm the one he got a house for, I'm the one he's always trying hand money (even though I never take it.)....i'm the one here now....so aslong as I am here...I need to not worry about the girls that aren't here....however i want to throw his cell phone off a bridge!!!!!!!!!!!
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