I FUCKING LOVE HIM (drenchednblood) wrote,

something to try.....

so i was laying on the couch with heath last night reading cosmo mag.....and i read this thing were a girl wrote in about how she was with a guy that had been in serious relationships before and had been in love, but he was her first love.....and she was upset by that. well what cosmo said was that guys learn from every relationship and look for better everytime and that she shouldnt worry about who he loved in the past because she was the one he loved now and that its more important to worry about the present then to dwell on the past that you can't change. I'm going to try my hardest to not dwell on his past and live in the now. Also moving might have been moved back to feb of 08 because of some lease problems with our apartment.....but were trying to work it out if we can.
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