I FUCKING LOVE HIM (drenchednblood) wrote,

another day......

Heath got way busy at work around 6 so I had to wait until almost 8 for him to pick me up from work. I never care though cause I work nextdoor to a bar and I just go over and have a few beers and wait for him. Last night this guy marvin that I know at the bar bought me a few beers and a shot so by the time he picked my up I was laughin my ass off drunk. We went to the store and got some beer and laundry soap. Then to taco bell to grab dinner. The plan was to go home eat and take some beers down stairs and relax in the hot tub, but by the time we got home it was9 and we were to tired. After we ate I turned on harry potter (he hates it) well he just go on his phone and then I got on my phone to michelle and I went outside for a fast bowl and a cig. Then i just walked around the house talking to michelle for awhile and he just sat on the phone with andrew its funny everytime he's on the phone with a guy from work he says "bro" so much. So anyways then we went to sleep and he kept asking me if I was ok and If i was happy. So i had to break down and tell him sorry for ever letting him think he makes me anything less then happy. Then we started talking about what were going to do with the house and how were going to decorate it. He says that will be my job since I love shopping so much, besides we go to home stores and look at stuff all the time, but now we have a whole house to put it in. An I have been saying I want a cat for christmas for awhile now and he said only if its a cool cat like a bangle which shit I don't care he's buying it. Now he says we should get 2 so they can play...who knows hes crazy I just want to go adopt a kitten cause thats the right thing to do. Oh well though he seems to like the idea of spending $800 on a cat let alone 2. I think thats a waste so money. I hope we got home early enough to actually relax I hate going home straight to sleep then beck to work.
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