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i haven't eatin in 3days......

So things this past week have not been good and its been by far the bigest test we have ever had in our relationship. He came home last tuesday and on wednesday morning I woke up early with cramps so I got up and went on the porch for a bowl and a cig. Well on the way for some reason I got the urge to look at his phone which I had never done before....and sure as fucking hell what do I find, but a bunch of text from his ex casandra about how much she misses him, loves him, wants to make love to him and other shit. So i check what he was saying to her and there was nothing in there really just bland yup and ok's. So this weekend he worked atleast 15hours both days and she was still doing it cause I would grab his phone when he wasn't looking and check....telling him he needs to choose between us and shit and how she can't stand the thought of him with another women. All I could think was "new flash bitch we have been togther for 7 months" So anyways he knew something was wrong cause were both very affectionate and are glued to eachother constantly and I would sit on the otherside of the couch or flinch when he would try to kiss me. So 2 nights ago we were laying in bed and I finally was like look I saw the texts in your phone and she has pictures of him all over her myspace like he's still her boyfriend. Anyways we talked about it and he said to just ignore it that shes justtrying to mess with me and that she knows all about us because his little 14yo sister still talks to her on myspace.....and then last night during dinner (since I'm still not eating) I went for a walk and called michelle and got some advice....well went we went to bed last night I started asking him about what if we broke up and what would happen with our house and such.......well this morning he called me just to tell me not to worry about her anymore that she wont be bothering us because he called her and told her to stop. He's not getting back with her and told her also not to talk to his little sister anymore. Soooooo I'm very happy the last thing I wanted to do was break up with him over her and me not being able to handle her harrassment. Thank goodness she lives in new mexico or this would have been much worse. Anyways bekki deleted her for me so I can't go peak on her page anymore cause I figure its better that way...and no matter how much I want to I'm not going to sneak on his phone anymore. I'm looking forward to our trip to cali this weekend. I've gotten so used to driving out there once a month its fun. Also I can't wait to move into our new house. When we went on our first date I never ever thought that 7months down the line we would have a house togther who fucking new.
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