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Lat night he picked me up from work and took me home. He dropped me off and went right back to work. Mel came over again and we hung out and ate some dinner. He got home around 10:30 and I had his dinner all ready for him when he got home. Once he ate we layed on the couch and talked for awhile. He asked me what everyone thought about me moving away with him. I told him that everyones ok with it now. Then had to explain what I ment by "now" cause mel was pretty upset about it when I first told her to the point that she said she couldn't even talk to me and we had to get off the phone. He got upset and sat up saying he just doesn't understand why they don't like him and I told him that her being upset about it has nothing to do with not liking him. Cause everyone does like him alot. However I did tell him that some felt that we are movin abit fast. He said that by the time we move we will have beeen togther for a year "i'll be sending you a message bekki cause i have a big problem with that statement" Anyways I told him everything is fine now and with us moving in togther alot of things are changing. Besides what my friends think is in no way going to change the fact that I love him and only want to be with him. Anyways once I calmed him down we went to sleep. He might have to work late again tonight cause he's trying to get everything done so that he can have the weekend off so that we can go camping this weekend. Yes I want to go camping, but at the sametime I hate that he's working so many hours and he's always so tired I just want him to come home with me and cuddle not go back to work. Anyways thats all for now I guess.
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